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Steven Hancock

Head Writer/Executive Producer/Director


Night Watchman

"A Dame To Kill"


Born and raised in North Carolina, Steven Hancock grew up

with two unique passions: history, and film. Although he

majored in history, he has always been fascinated by the world

of acting and filmmaking. While studying at UNC-Greensboro,

he became involved with the world of the theater.

In 2012, Steven made his directorial debut, directing the Unit

Recruitment Film for the Southern Piedmont Historical

Reenactment Society, of which he is a member. The three-minute

short was received well by viewers when released online in April of

2013. That same year, his passion for filmmaking, as well as his

love of Doctor Who, led him to team up with actress Lilly Nelson on 

making Doctor Who: A Dame to Kill. Steven served as co-writer,

producer and director on the project, as well as making a cameo

appearance as the Drunken Nightwatchman. Filmed over three

months in early-2014, A Dame to Kill was released online on July



Steven is currently working on two historical-themed scripts, using his knowledge of history to tell dramatic stories inspired by real-life events from America’s past. He also has a feature-length fantasy script, and two dramatic plays to his credit. He graduated from American Public University in May of 2013, with a Master’s Degree in American History. His hobbies include Civil War reenacting, and reading.


Doctor Who: The Ginger Chronicles is ©2014 Lightspeed Productions.  Doctor Who and TARDIS are TM and ©1963 BBC.  The Master is ©1971 Robert Holm.  This is a fan-produced series that is being made solely for entertainment purposes. Absolutely no profit will be made from this endeavor.

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