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About the Ginger Chronicles

In 2013 it was announced Matt Smith would be leaving the famed series, Doctor Who.  Lilly Nelson, a life long fan, has always wanted to play the doctor.  As a professional actress, who wouldn't.  So, only partly joking, she put up a few simple words onto her Facebook.  Lilly Nelson for The Doctor.  It was about time the Doctor was a ginger Timelady.

A few hours later, Steven Hancock, who had attended High School with Lilly only one year said, "You wanna?"

A few months later, during some free time, on an almost non-existant budget, a group of actors and some film crew got together and put out Doctor Who:A Dame to Kill.  Most everyone assumed it would be a bit of a one off.

But, somehow, the world seemed to like the episode.  Simple, silly, and low budget as it was.

So they set out to make another one.  And they did.  Bigger.  Better.  Badder than the first.  This one, with a slightly larger budget.  With all the bells and whistles the entire group, spearheaded by Rebecca Larken, made A Loud Hush.  The Second enstallment in The Ginger Chronicles.

Already some are clamouring for episode 3.  And we all would love to give it to you.  But we do need money to do so.

Once we get the budget, the sky is the limit.

Send an email and we will tell you how you can DONAAAAATTTEEEE!

Doctor Who: The Ginger Chronicles is ©2014 Lightspeed Productions.  Doctor Who and TARDIS are TM and ©1963 BBC.  The Master is ©1971 Robert Holm.  This is a fan-produced series that is being made solely for entertainment purposes. Absolutely no profit will be made from this endeavor.

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